Most of us know by now, you don’t run a road rally through Germany. It seems the organisers of 6to6 Europe didn’t. On Tuesday this week, the rally came to a halt with four drivers cited for speeding offences and reckless driving, another received a citation for an illegal radar device. According to the authorities, around 30 cars were stopped and checked. The rally continues.

The 6to6 European Tour appears to be quite a big rally. It has official sponsorship through Mercedes-Benz. It started last Saturday in Barcelona, Spain, before moving on to Munich, Germany on Monday. From Munich, the route continued to Salzburg, Austria, through to Venice yesterday and today, the cars will be stopping in Monaco for the final two days.

From what we can work out, the German police ran a series of unmarked cars between Rosenheim and Traunstein on the A8 to film the rally participants driving. At the same time, traffic police also set up a checkpoint at Anger to catch the speeders.

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