With Lotus, Morgan and McLaren stealing most of the recent limelight, we’ve not heard much from British manufacturer Caterham. Pistonheads caught up with Graham Macdonald, the new boss recently and managed to get a few words on what we should expect from the historic brand moving into the future.

By their own admission, Caterham stagnated a bit recently. A range of lightweight road racers remain the company’s only offerings. At one end of the spectrum we have the 1.4 liter K-Series, at the other, there’s the track day special SP/300R. That might change soon though. Caterham are developing a new road car.

The new car will enter the market in the £40-£50,000 bracket. I should have a four-cylinder engine, a six-cylinder has apparently been considered though, weight will be kept sub-1,000kg. As with all Caterhams, the new road car will remain driver focused with the engine up front and the driven at the rear. Caterham hope to use a monocoque tub of some description.

No release date has been offered, but the new CEO is looking to push the project forward! Whatever happens, a strong following of Caterham Seven fans will help keep the company profitable in the future.



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