Bob Lutz and Dany Bahar

Jalopnik posted an interesting article yesterday giving as an insight into what Lotus advisory board member Bob Lutz thinks of the Lotus/Dany Bahar scandal. Of course, we’ve all heard the official line. Dany Bahar was apparently dismissed for reasons relating to the misuse of company expenses. However, Lutz appears to be saying differently in private.

Jalopnik reports that Lutz is rumoured to be telling people that the parent company, DRB-Hicom, was looking for any excuse to get Bahar out of his contract. Whether or not this is true is a question that can only be answered by DRB executives. However, if this is what Lutz is telling people, it shows how relations between the British niche manufacturer and its Malaysian owner are becoming strained.

We’ve never been fans of Lotus’ ‘new era’ or of Dany Bahar either. At the moment though, we’d prefer to have seen him retain his position. With an impending legal battle over wrongful dimissal, a no show at the Paris Motor Show and an apparently inexperienced CEO, things don’t look good for Lotus Group. The old saying, speculate to accumulate seems relevant here. It seems Lotus has speculated with DRB-Hicom withdrawing support before they were able to accumulate!

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  1. Honestly … had any pundit from any of the press ( online or print ) as well as any Lotus Exec taken the time to talk about Bahar to any Ferrari insider willing to be honest and forthright they’d of known the Truth about Bahar well before he’d had the chance to do the damage he’s done to Lotus . Fact of the matter was … Bahar was a major LIABILITY to Ferrari as well during his tenure there . Only Ferrari via FIAT’s then deep pockets keeping the damage under control till the little snipe was sent on his way . Lotus thinking they were ‘ Poaching ‘ Bahar from Ferrari when in fact Ferrari was DUMPING Bahar on Lotus . When will people ever learn ? DO THE DAMN HOMEWORK BEFORE MAKING MAJOR DECISIONS !

  2. @ GTSpirit – Be glad Bahar was given his walking papers . Current Litigation possibilities or not he’d of bankrupted Lotus in the next six months had the man been left in place . And ….. guaranteed Bahar’s going to lose his pretentious attempts at suing Lotus . Along with I’m betting ANY future in the automotive or any other industry . Bahar’s reign of terror has come to an end of his own making . Arrogant little ___ that he is !


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