Another wrecked exotic to report this afternoon. This time, a Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Spyder Performante was wrecked on Westheimer Road, Houston. The Lamborghini was the only vehicle involved in the accident which happened at around 9pm last night. Houston Police Department revealed that one person, presumably the passenger, had to be removed from the wreck and was admitted to hospital. Her injuries are unknown.

Fox News reports that the cause of the accident is most likely to be speed. A witness reports seeing the car travel around a corner at a high rate of speed before (presumably) hitting something which caused the car to flip. A group of pedestrians were able to flip the car back over and put out a fire that had been caused by the accident.

The Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Spyder Performante is a special edition Lamborghini Gallardo. It’s essentially an open-top Gallardo Superleggera, it gets the same 5.2 liter V10, tuned to produce 570hp, four-wheel drive and a significant weight reduction over the standard Gallardo Spyder.

It’s sad times for supercar owners as we’ve already had to report on the demise of an Aston Martin One-77, Gallardo LP550-2 Balboni and a Ferrari FF over the past couple of days.

Update: A witness confirms that the Performante was racing with another Lamborghini at the time of the car accident. The driver and passenger were both female, as was the driver of the second Lamborghini. The passenger complained about her neck hurting but she was able to move her arms and legs as well as have a conversation, thankfully. Thanks to Jon for the extra information!

[Pictures via NASIOC]

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  1. I was one of the guys in the group who flipped the car back over, That Lamborghini was racing another Lamborghini and had just exited the freeway, tried to take the corner and lost control. Both Lamborghinis were driven by females and the passenger was female as well. the passenger complained about her neck hurting but she was able to move her arms and legs as well as have a conversation, thankfully.

  2. Idiots! I’m sure the thought of them injuring or killing someone else never crossed their minds. (i’m female too…but these chicks r dumb.) i know someone who had to help w/resue. they should be in jail. if someone not driving a lambo & not as rich and bimbolicious as theses chicks were did this they’d be in harris co….um, STILL! total BS, they have no regard to anyone’s life. listen ding bats: if you are so well off, go race at the track. not on westhiemer! if something were to happen to the one i love bc your car blows up as he is rescuing you from being an idiot, a “i’m so sorry” wouldn’t cut it. “complained of neck pain”…GOOD FOR YOU! i hope your neck does hurt, maybe then you’ll think of badly you coulda hurt someone else who was in a vehicle which costs under $200K! i’m not wishing you girls harm…i’m wishing that you learn a lesson and stop acting like jackholes so that innocent people are not killed over your stupidity! because guess what, you can’t buy a human life back! good luck!

  3. Both lamborghinis were not racing. We were both at the front of the light on 610s making a right on westheimer. The yellow lp revved at me and I revved back. I then made a right turn to be on my way. She decided to turn also to catch up to me. While I was looking at my rear view mirror to see if she has caught up yet, her car hopped that median and flipped over. I made a u-turn to help flip the car over and to make sure they were ok. After we flipped the car the driver was no where to be found. Witnesses said that she took off and someone had to find her while leaving her passenger friend helpless….. Later on someone brought the driver back to the scene. I came up to the driver to see if she needed any help, she said I needed to leave in a rude way…..

  4. JE shut up. You’re so dumb. The driver of the Lamborghini that crashed is the mom of a good friend of mine. They were not racing at all. She was taking the corner at normal speed and as she was exiting the turn she started to push down on the gas. Not hard, but just like everybody else int eh world takes a corner on a car. The road was very wet, which caused her car to lose control and flip over. Don’t assume people were racing just because they can afford a better car than yours. You don’t know what you’re saying.

  5. Lucius- Thank you for assisting my wife I can’t express my gratitude enough. She and the passenger had concussions and don’t remember what happened until long after they were removed from the car. I am sorry she was rude to you but she really didn’t have here wits about her for the first 30min after the wreck. She usually very sweet. She was not racing! I spent a lot of money on a Larini exhaust that she loved to rev but she never raced. I tease her by calling her Ms. Daisy because she drives like a grandma. The tires on the car are racing compound and lack traction when wet. She turned out in front of traffic from a double right hand turn lane across three lanes of traffic. They were watering the vegetation in the median and it made the road wet. When she gave it too much gas she lost traction and hit the curb. She hit a small tree that flipped the car. I went to the crash site today and there was’t one skid mark with exception of the curb where her tire impacted it. She was tested for alchohol and based on witness testimony was issued a ticket for failure to maintain her lane. The officer felt bad about even having to issue it as he knew as I did that it was a freak accident that exceeded her driving ability to correct. As for the haters, I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth, more like a plastic one. I worked as service hand repairing ship deck equipment and drilling equipment for 12 years for 52k a year. Ten years ago I moved in with a friend, my wife and kids moved in with her parents and I took the last $1,500 to my name and started my own company. Ten years of driving the same Excursion, a whole lot of hard work, many sleepless nights, and multi-million dollar business later I decided to buy a new truck and my dream car. Even my employees were happy for me. The rest of you haters can go vote for Obama and pound sand…

  6. Lucius thank you for helping my wife. I can’t begin to express my gratitude to you and all that jumped to my wife and her friends aid. She had a concussion and doesn’t even remember hardly anything of the accident or the 30 minutes or so after. She didn’t leave she was probably looking for her other friends that were following behind her so they could call for help and me. I am sorry if she was rude but she was cuncussed, in shock and probably just very traumitized. There were people taking pictures everywhere and so much activity I think she was probably just overwhelmed. Your right she doesn’t race ever and was probably just excited to see another Lambo! She is normally very sweet and I know is very greatful for your efforts. Thanks again…

  7. JE She wasn’t racing, she never does, I call her Ms Daisy because she drives so slow. She had an issue with the E-Gear transmission. She was only going about 30 mph when she hit the curb and rolled over which is why their injuries were very minor. She was tested for alcohol and about a dozen HPD officers questioned witnesses. She was not racing and her ticket was failure to maintain lane only because they are required to write a ticket in a single car accident. As for being a rich whatever you called her. We were not born with silver spoons in our mouths, more like plastic. I worked as a service hand for 12 years making $52k a year. Ten years ago I took the last $1,500 to my name, moved in with a friend, my wife and kids moved in with her parents and started my own business. I worked my butt off and drove the same truck for 12 years before buying me a new Ford truck and my dream car this year. I suggest you convert that anger to positive energy, quit your barista job at Starbucks and start your own business, and you can buy all the smart for two’s you want…

  8. Those tricks were blazing around that light at Shell at close to 100 I saw with my own eyes. Do you think a Lambo will roll at 30mph? What kind of geniuses are commenting here. Your protecting a bunch of dumb idiots that endangered pedestrians at that corner. She deserves to have some broken bones might teach her a lesson.

  9. No problem Chris. I hope your wife is doing better. How is her friend doing? Also After the accident I disconnected your battery so that fuel wouldn’t leak onto anything electrical causing more damage. I hope your car is repairable. When your wife revved her exhaust it sounded amazing!!!

    To boso- i didnt know gallardos can do 0-100 in 3 seconds while turning….. If you saw everything then did you even bother to help in any way?

  10. Lucius- Both ladies are doing well, the bumps and bruises are healing. The wife is just embarrassed, of all places to have an accident the busiest intersection in all of Houston. Unfortunately, the car was a total loss. I have removed the Larini exhaust to be reinstalled on a new Performante, that will soon be sitting in the garage. In 9 months it will be sharing that garage with an Aventador roadster. Cars can be replaced, people can’t. I’m just happy nobody was seriously injured and everyone is going to be ok. Thanks again for everything.

    Boso- you’re a worthless Internet troll. Just go back to watching child pornography or whatever it is you do when your not talking trash on the net.


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