Ferrari have suffered a lot of bad PR recently. This wrecked Ferrari FF pictured on the A4 near Krakow in Poland just adds to the problems. The fire gutted the Ferrari FF at around half seven on Sunday evening, taking two units of firefights to extinguish. The car was on Krakow plates.

A witness who spoke to the driver confirmed that the fire started spontaneously. He reports that the fire burst into the cockpit through the cars pedals. Luckily, the driver managed to pull the car to the side of the road and escape unharmed. Firefighters could not comment on the cause of the fire, however, speculating from the pictures clearly confirms the drivers story that the fire started at or near the engine bay.

This is the third Ferrari FF wrecked by fire. We’ve seen one in Germany and another in China more recently. News that Ferrari are being forced to recall Chinese FF’s built before December 2011 will just add further fuel to the Ferrari FF bonfire story. Ferrari were of course, forced to recall Ferrari 458 Italia’s when the car was first released due to similar problems.

While the Ferrari FF doesn’t seem to be suffering anywhere near as badly, three barbecued FF’s is enough to cause at least some concerns. Thanks to Michał for the tip!

[Via kontakt24]

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