A Ferrari FF has been spotted engulfed in flames on a highway in Shanghai, China. It appears as though the recently released supercar had fallen victim to the worrying trend of spontaneously combusting Italian supercars. An interesting theory has arisen from this latest wreck though.

TheTruthAboutCars reports that the Italian supercar was travelling at a low speed on the Shanghai World Expo Avenue when the incident occurred. The Chinese media are speculating that the Ferrari’s tenancy to burst into flames is due to the design of the vehicle. As you will see from the photos the fire appears to be further back in the car. Auto-163 suggests that the insulating material is prone to overheating and cause the spontaneous fires we seem to see so much of. This is exactly the same type of problem encountered by the Ferrari 458 Italia before its recall.

So is there anything for Ferrari FF owners to worry about? We can think of one other similar incident involving a burning Ferrari FF, so it could well be an inherent design fault with all the vehicles. Ferrari kept quiet about the first burnt FF, however, if reports are to be trusted, they are now being forced to investigate the matter. Time will tell whether other FF’s will also be affected.

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  1. Since it’s happened more than once, this is obviously something that needs to be looked into. It’s probably not a coincidence. Good thing the driver was able to get out.

  2. God, this was the car i dream to get, now and after i read this story..!!! No no no no no way to buy this car not before Ferrari take an action to fix this problem :)

  3. Looks like they’re trying a lil. too hard to win the competition (Pegani, Lamborghini etc).. That’s, “Ambitious but Rubbish”! :ppp


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