The R34 Nissan Skyline is one of those performance car benchmarks. Over in the US many consider it to be a ‘halo car’. It was never sold in North America and strict rules on importation, and a fair amount of confusion when it comes to the question of legalisation for road use, meant that very few were imported and even fewer are used daily. The following video, shot by YouTube user AllanDiablo, shows an imported R34 Nissan Skyline kept and maintained by SP Engineering.

This R34 Nissan Skyline produces around 1,000hp and the modifications are pretty extensive. The RB26DETT Nissan engine received a set of Garrett twin GT35 turbos along with a HKS exhaust manifold, Step 3 stroker kit, F-CON V Pro engine management system and 1.2mm head gasket. Modified valves, a Step 1 264 intake cam, Step 1 264 exhaust cam and adjustable cam gears, DLI II Twin Power ignition amplifier, fuel delivery pipe, fuel pressure regulator and EVC VI were all added. A GReddy Type R three-row front-mount intercooler kit, Type R blow-off valves, a Hypertune intake manifold, SP Engineering intake, an ARP head stud kit, 8 Denso 1,000cc injectors, a TITEK Innovations high-flow fuel pump and an ARC radiator complete the modifications to the engine ONLY!

The transmission is a Hollinger sequential unit fitted with an OS Giken R3C triple-plate clutch and HKS axles. The suspension is fitted with HKS Hipermax II coilovers a Cusco 24mm front sway bar, 24mm rear sway bar and a Nismo bushing kit. The brakes are Brembo GT kits with cross-drilled rotors for both the front and rear. Finally, a set of Volk Racing TE37 Time Attack Edition wheels in 19 inches have been fitted to the car.

The exterior features a similarly comprehensive kit. There’s a Top Secret front bumper, carbon fiber lip, under tray, FRP aero bonnet, hood dampers with Do-Luck side skirts, rear wing, shortened plate stands an ARC rear under-diffuser and Nismo carbon fiber door pillar covers.

Technically, this car is a work of art. Check out the video below and the photos we’ve included above, thanks to the North American GT-R Owners Club.

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  1. The front bumper isn’t Top Secret, it’s from Nismo. This is the stock bumper of Nismo R34 Z-Tune. In terms of import, GTSpirit still have a lot of things to learn!

  2. all i have to say is Thank You Gt Spirit!! i have want to see an article and video on a R34 for a while, now if you do one on the Supra that would also be great


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