Before the Osaka Auto Messe we revealed pictures of the Forgiato stand which included a Pagani Zonda S that looked to have been heavily modified. After checking with Pagani, we can now reveal that this is in fact the first Pagani Zonda to have received aftermarket modifications. Forgiato have released a few extra pictures of the vehicle so we can give you some extra details.

It appears that this particular car, chassis number 76022, used to be silver with a blue interior before the current owner changed the colour scheme to white with the blue interior. The modifications you see in the photos are the result of an ongoing tuning process. The car is a 7.0 liter Pagani Zonda S.

This car received a full bodykit. Up front you will notice a new front skirt fitted with LED accents and a new set of side mirrors, detached from the front window and added to the front fender in the same style as the Pagani Zonda F. The skirt has been added this year, the mirrors were changed a while ago.

As we move along the side, you should notice that the front skirt has been continued all the way along the side and a new wheel arch trim has been added to all corners. At this point you are probably also noticing the air scoop mounted to the roof.

As we get the rear, you’ll start to notice the full extent of the bodykit. At the back a massive rear wing has been added. The company who manufactured the kit obviously tried to imitate the Pagani Zonda R rear wing here, they added side mountings though, instead of the central one found on the race car. A massive rear diffuser has been added and the mesh trim gets a set of LED’s to create a red accent.

The final modifiction for us to talk about is the exhaust. It appears to have been removed and rotated so that instead of the two plus two stacked position, the car has a cross shaped quad exhaust. Purely a cosmetic enhancement. Of course, the car is wearing Forgiato Vizzo-M’s.

The owner, Mr. Anija, has named his car the Anija Z. Let us know what you think in the comments box below.

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  1. How disgusting ! Its clear that who ever touched a work of art like that would attempt to put a kit on a toaster too. There are two stupid ass’s here , one that made this space shuttle looking shit and the one who paid for it.

  2. OOooh wait i didnt see the disco lights in the front. what the hell is that for? is that suppose to let the driver in front of me that i hit the brakes? I it the worlds fastest ambulace now? Thay should have gotten a nurse outfit for the chick. Hat stupids that are stuck in the 90’s.. NO ONE PUTS LIGHTS UNDER THE CAR ANYMORE… IT WAS STUPID THEN AND STILL STUPID.. it must have been hard not to do spinners i know..


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