A horrible accident involving multiple cars occurred in Düsseldorf last Wednesday night. While driving on the RheinKnie Bridge which spans the river Rhine and connects the city-center with the western part of the town, the driver of a Ferrari California lost control over his car. Why the Ferrari slipped is being investigated by the police. Possible causes were speeding or a mechanical defect.

The Ferrari came to a stop on the middle of the road, but the 38-year-old driver wasn’t injured. Instead, he stepped out of his car to assess the damage. A taxi driving behind the Ferrari was able to stop, but the driver of a Fiat Ducato behind the taxi didn’t noticed the accident.

The delivery van could not avoid the cars standing on the road and smashed into the them. The Ferrari driver was hit and thrown onto the other side of the road, where he was hit by an oncoming car. Bystanders tried to help the man, but sadly the attempts weren’t successful. When the ambulances arrived the man had passed away.

[Via Bild.de]

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  1. If you crash on the motorway you either stay in the car if there’s heavy traffic or you run away and hide behind a barrier, NOT get out to assess the damage for f**k sake!


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