Following its release at the Top Marques Monaco 2012 car show and our exclusive story on the upcoming release of the sports car, we can now show you the first moving shots of the limited Mansory 458 Spider Monaco Edition.

The special edition Mansory Monaco Edition is limited to just three vehicles and fitted with the body kit of the Mansory Siracusa based on the Ferrari 458 Italia. The body kit features a new apron with optimized air inlets for a better ventilation of the front coolers. In combination with the new bonnet it generates additional down force. At the sides, newly designed side skirts were added which calm down the air flow between the axles and provide additional cooling to the engine compartment through integrated ducts.

At the back, a diffuser was fitted as well as a new rear wing generating greater pressure levels at the rear axle. Compared to the standard Ferrari 458 Italia, the Siracusa and 458 Spider Monaco Edition saved 60 kilogram of weight thanks to its autoclave carbon components.

On the inside, the tuner fitted a special Monaco-themed leather trim accompanied by carbon fiber parts. Inside the doors, the limited number of cars is mentioned.

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  1. Mental anyone that thinks this is not a travesty
    there was talk on the Teamspeed forum of finding someone who likes it

    Think we have just found strange person above …


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