A video showing what is claimed to be the Mansory Monaco Limited Edition, based on the Ferrari 458 Spider hit our inbox this morning. The video claims that this will be unveiled at Top Marques Monaco 2012. Visually, it looks like a photoshopped version of the red Mansory Siracusa displayed at the SEMA Motor Show 2012, but the maker of the video claims it is visible in the 2012 Top Marques Monaco exhibition book.

The Mansory Siracusa at last year’s IAA received a new apron with optimized air inlets for a better ventilation of the front coolers. In combination with the new bonnet it generates additional down force. At the sides, newly designed side skirts were added which calm down the air flow between the axles and provide additional cooling to the engine compartment through integrated ducts.

At the back, a diffuser was fitted as well as a new rear wing generating greater pressure levels at the rear axle. Compared to the standard Ferrari 458 Italia, the Siracusa saved 60 kilogram of weight thanks to its autoclave carbon components.

Unofficial video

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  1. Well I posted this and it’s not photoshoped, I recieved this photo from Top Marques themselves, it’s in the 2012 exibition book. It will be there at Top Marques, it’s sure but it will maybe unveiled before…

  2. Unbelievable how little you know about Mansory. Mansory does over 70 cars each year. They are a well known Carbon-fiber manufacturer. Making carbon for example to Lotus.

    Mansory is one of the biggest aftermarket company in the world.
    Neither you like it or not.

  3. Why do you even look at cars from Mansory if you think they do hideous cars? I don’t really get the point why people that dislikes things so much still rages around in the comment fields.

    As Mikael says Mansory is one of the biggest aftermarket companys in the world. What really surprises me is all the other tuners that only convert for example BMW and Porsche. How the hell they can make a profit in the jungle of the bigger companies is a mystery for me.


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