The Ferrari Corse Clienti is an unique program for customers of the Ferrari brand. The exclusive event is special testing program for the lucky owners of FXX, FXX Evolution, 599XX and 599XX Evolution racers giving them the option to drive the cars at the track, while being supported by the people from Ferrari. Reporter Alvise Seno from was at the event and shared these pictures with us.

The people also act as real test pilots. With their cars customers have the chance to drive at the world’s most beautiful track, have fun and actively contribute to the development of new solutions. The development of the Evolution package for the 599XX is an example of this development offering optimizing aerodynamics.

The 599XX Evo features improved chassis dynamics thanks to an active aerodynamic package, from which the active rear wing is most noticeable, integrated with the vehicles’ electronic control systems, and the adoption of new Pirelli tyres. Compared to the standard 599XX, the upgraded Prancing Horse weighs 35kg less and has slightly improved peak power of 750 horsepower.

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