Today was the start of “Viaggio in Italia”, the Italian part of Curbstone Track Events 2014. This first part was held on the famous track in Imola also called “autodromo enzo e dino Ferrari” or better known as the track where Aytron Senna had his fatal crash. Beside this point, the organisation in combination with the cars and the weather were just the perfect mix.

Below we’ve created a gallery from GTRace cars. This is one of the two different classes of participating cars. These cars simply are race cars and don’t belong between the road legal cars. As you can see most of them, maybe because the trackday was held on Imola, were Ferraris. Still, Porsche seems to stay one of the popular brands when it comes to racing. The loudest and probably most eye-catching cars, and there were two of them, were definitely the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3s!

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