DelaVilla presented the VRS 997 GT3 at Top Marques Monaco this year. Our fourth video from the principality comes from the French company and their bespoke Porsche 997 GT3. Shmee took a ride around town to give you an experience from the inside of this supercar!

The Delavilla VRS 997 GT3 is (as the name suggests) based on the Porsche 911 (997) GT3. In terms of engine power, the owner can choose from the Porsche engine range that offers something to suit everyone from 300 to 530hp. The package also offers a reworked chassis incorporating specific dampers with the option of active suspension.

Another unique DelaVilla touch is the “exclusive colour contract”. A range of 21 pre-defined shades has been created, once you’ve ordered your colour, that colour will be unique to your car. Nobody will be able to order a copy! The accessories list is also an important part of the DelaVilla models. The French company will cater for any tastes, one option is externally fitted scissor doors!

The DelaVilla VRS 997 GT3 is available to order now. We know of four on the roads at the moment. Alternatively, if the GT3 is too extreme for your tastes, DelaVilla also presented the Porsche 997 S Convertible-based Delavilla SpeedRoad VRS and the Porsche Cayman-based Delavilla R1 at Monaco.

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