Maserati is planning to extend its line-up as the Italian carmaker is considering to build a sports car which should rival the Porsche 911 Turbo and Audi R8. This mid-engined coupe will be the added to the fleet next to the new Quattroporte, a smaller sedan ‒ which will rival the Audi A6, BMW 5-Series and Mercedes E-Class ‒ and the Kubang SUV.

The news about a new sports car has been revealed by CEO Harald Wester in an interview with Evo magazine. The new Maserati is likely to be named GranSport and will be powered by a 4.7 liter V8 engine. The sports car will be build on a carbon platform in order to keep the weight less than 1,200kg.

The Maserati GranSport will benefit from the technology within the Fiat Group. The dimensions would be similar to the upcoming Alfa Romeo 4C ‒ about 440cm in length ‒ and the double clutch transmission will be derived from Ferrari. With an estimated annual production of 1500-2000 units and a price tag of € 150,000, the envisioned sports car will be positioned below the Ferrari 458 Italia.

Although the Maserati GranSport seems feasible and could be ready in 2015, Harald Wester said the whole project is currently just a proposal which has not (yet) received a green light from the Fiat Group. But if this sports car will be approved, it will be a great addition to Maserati’s heritage. After all, with the exception of the exclusive MC12 the last mid-engined sports cars were the Bora and the Merak from the Seventies.

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