Fisker Automotive is holding a special event ahead of the New York Auto Show to share with media, retailers and the public a business update and give a glimpse of the future of their company.

The US car maker has not released what they are going to show, but insiders suggest that they will show the first glimpse of Project Nina. Project Nina is a code name for a new model, which will have the same range-extended electric features as the Karma.

We reported in February that Fisker was experiencing financial difficulties, which is currently hitting their smaller car named the Nina. It is unknown what the current status regarding the financial status of the project.

Stay tuned for more from the New York Auto Show starting in two weeks time.

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  1. What ” Business ” plan ? From our ( US ) perspective there is no ‘ business ‘ plan on behalf of Fisker . So far all we’ve gotten for all the monies we’ve invested ( via tax payers money ) has been an overweight , underperforming , overpriced Prius with a party dress on : a raft of broken promises and missed deadlines . Along with a distinct lack of the promised jobs that Fisker was going to make available . Not to mention that factory given to them that still remains unused .

    Thats not ‘ Business ‘ Thats Hyper , Hyperbole , Pretense and Spin .

    Truth of the matter is Fisker has been nothing but bad ‘ Karma’ from day one and getting worse by the minute


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