The team from Classics & Sports car center in Sweden are attempting to break the land speed record for a three-wheeled vehicle on ice using a Morgan 3 Wheeler. Speed Weekend 2012 is hosting this event, which will take places on the 9th and 10th of March at the lake of Orsa, Sweden.

The ice race track is 3,2km long. One kilometer to build up speed, one kilometer for timing and 1.2km to stop. Special motocross winter tires have been added with steel dubs to the front wheels and a rally winter tire sharp steel dubs for the back wheel. Many different vehicles and classes are participating over the weekend.

The team will consist of driver Lars Ericsson and the service people; Tommy Foxman, Hasse Carlsson, and Eva Carlsson.

Morgen 3 Wheeler Land Speed Record Attempt on Ice 01

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