Last week, in California, a Porsche 911 driver ended up stuck in fresh cement after he attempted to get around static traffic. If you follow our Facebook page, you will have seen the photo of the accident we posted over there. A video has now emerged on YouTube showing the rescue of the sports car. It must have been a humiliating moment for the Porsche owner!

The accident was originally photographed by Jim Gorzelany, an automotive writer for Forbes as he was driving on Marina Boulevard in San Francisco. The Porsche 911 appears to have impatiently decided to overtake a lane of cars that had come to a standstill. After coming to rest in the freshly laid cement, the driver remained in the car while the workmen frantically attempted to remove the drying cement from around the car.

The accident will probably be a very expensive one for the driver. Brakes, wheels and parts of the undercarriage will have to be replaced. The cause of the accident is being put down to impatience by many commentators. The video shows how the workmen put planks of wood behind the car for the driver to reverse out of the cement and back onto the road.

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