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Wiesmann GT MF5 Wreck Spotted in Dubai

Prior the bankruptcy of the german sportscar manufacturer Wiesmann, automotive photographer SA//Photography has found a completely ruined top-of-the-range Wiesmann model, the Wiesmann GT MF5....
Wrecked Jaguar XJ220

Car Crash: Wrecked Jaguar XJ220 Recovered in Belgium

Our friends over at Autogespot recently received pictures of a wrecked Jaguar XJ220 recently recovered in Belgium. It's french plated with a lot of...
Ultima GTR Wrecked in Fareham

Car Crash: Ultima GTR Wrecked in Fareham

We've got another unfortunate accident to report on today involving a Ultima GTR. It happened on Thursday last week in Fareham, England. Both the...
Porsche 911 Accident Cement San Francisco

Video: Porsche 911 Rescued from Cement in San Francisco

Last week, in California, a Porsche 911 driver ended up stuck in fresh cement after he attempted to get around static traffic. If you...
Car Crash Pagani Zonda F Wrecked in Hong Kong

Car Crash: Pagani Zonda F Wrecked in Hong Kong – Update

This morning we heard sad news of an accident involving a Pagani Zonda F in Hong Kong. It seems that the car was totally...
Cobra Replica Crash at Willow Springs

Video: Cobra Replica Crash at Willow Springs

The following video shows what happens when something goes wrong on a race track at 130mph. This crash happened recently at Willow Springs International...

Car Crash: Rolls-Royce Ghost in China

Recently, Autoblog.nl reported on one of the first Rolls-Royce Ghost accidents we've heard about. As you would expect, the Ghost came out of the...