We’re all familiar with Zahir Rana’s Edo Competition tuned Ferrari Enzo XX Evolution which had a very public accident last summer. Since it’s over in Germany at the moment, we’re guessing Rana opted for a few upgrades to his yellow hyper-Enzo! Pictures posted on Facebook reveal that a few changes are in progress.

The pictures reveal that the Ferrari Enzo XX Evolution will get a new front bumper design. The standard design has been lowered, a single level lower lip added and a set of side air vents fashioned from aluminium. The Enzo will also get an air vent for the bonnet similar to the one we see in the factory FXX models. It looks as though LED headlights will replace the blacked out ordinary headlights that the previous generation had too.

Moving around the car, rear air vents above the wheels have also been added. At the back, the Enzo XX Evolution previously had the standard Enzo rear grille. This has been replaced with an FXX grille for the new version and it looks as though Edo will fit a set of air holes in the mesh, similar to those of the FXX Evolution but larger.

The re-build is coming along nicely by the looks of it. We’ll bring you more details as and when we find them!



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