Forgestar Wheels have released two promotional photoshoots featuring two Lexus LFA’s they fitted with aftermarket wheels. The Red LFA features 22 inch Concave F14 wheels with Falken tyres. The black LFA uses deep concave 20 inch Forgestar F14 wheels using the standard rubber. Both are finished in Piano Black.

The Lexus LFA features a 4.8 liter V10 engine producing 560hp at 8,700rpm and 480Nm of torque at 6,800rpm. The engine features include forged aluminum pistons, forged titanium connecting rods, and solid titanium valves. Lexus fitted a six-speed Automated Sequential Gearbox, 200 ms shift times and a limited slip differential. Top speed is 325km/h and 0-100km/h is achieved in 3.7 seconds.

Which is your favourite?

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