Lexus’ display at the North American International Auto Show will feature the LF-LC sport coupe. We’ve already seen the LF-LC after US magazine Road & Track accidently leaked the photos before Christmas. Lexus has now released a few choice details about the cars design and we can share a few high resolution photos following some pictures shown just after the leak.

The concept will make its debut on January 9th at Detroit. It was crafted by Toyota’s Calty design studio in Newport Beach, California. The Lexus LF-LC features clean lines that emphasise motion and present a futuristic vehicle.

Lexus are expected to take a number of features, including the grille, and apply them to upcoming Lexus models. The LF-LC is a 2+2 sport coupe featuring a panoramic glass roof and a hybrid powertrain. Inside, there’s a refined mix of wood, metal and leather. We are still waiting for in-depth details, until we get them, enjoy the photos!


  1. This LF-LC looks sooo much better than the LF-A that I can’t help thinking of some beheadings at toyota’s design department.
    This car has a personality. A spirit of its own… the spirit of ONE designer (unlike most japanese cars that look like they’ve been designed by an army of employees, each working on one detail).
    The interior is divine and, once again, doesn’t look like it’s from japan.

    Now it’s up to toyota: if they want to make tons of money, this car will be cheap… if they want to promote lexus as “premium” (yeah, right), this car will be ridiculously expensive (I mean LF-A ridiculous).


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