Essen 2011 Brabus Mercedes SLS Roadster

Brabus released their take on the 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLS Roadster at the Essen Motor Show 2011. The Brabus displayed a modest, 611hp version of the Brabus SLS AMG Roadster.

The aerodynamics of the car can be translated from the coupe model to the roadster model. The various components are manufactured from lightweight carbon fiber. And customers can choose between a high-gloss or matte finish, or any painted colour upon request. Brabus forged wheels have been custom-developed for the SLS. They measure 21 inches on the front axle and 22 inches at the rear.

ECU mapping for the ignition and injection, and a high-performance exhaust system allow for a modest increase in performance. The titanium exhaust system features four tailpipes with a diameter of 84 millimeters and is 12 kilograms (or 40 percent) lighter than the production exhaust. As with the coupe, butterfly valves are included too. Maximum power output rises from the standard 571hp to 611hp.

Other parts fitted to the convertible are Ride Control suspension, Front Lift System and accessories such as a speedometer with 400km/h dial, ergonomically shaped sport steering wheel, stainless-steel scuff plates with backlit Brabus logo and matte-anodized pedals.

Official images Brabus SLS AMG Roadster

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