Vision SZR

For most of us the name Vision SZR won’t be familiar and that’s not something strange. The last time we same some action around this car dates back in 2005 while the first developments yet date back about ten years. According to John Misumi, Chief Operating Officer, this is a 21st century muscle car.

Today we can tell you that the Vision SZR is still clawing its way towards production. If we believe a series of videos released on the net the SZR will come with a 6.0 liter V12 engine that will produce up to 700hp. By using an aluminum chassis and a carbon fiber body, the total weight of the Vision SZR will only be around 1,270kg. Sprint from standstill to 100km/h will be done in just under three seconds. Expected price for this toy is less nice in figures, because production only would cost about $ 2,000,000.


  1. They should save themselves the embarrassment and just scrap the car. Hideous is too kind of a word. Even with 1400hp it is unbuyable, with 700, good joke selling 1

  2. First of all, we would like to thank you for featuring the Vision SZR on; and, we are pleased that you have given us this opportunity. We would also like to clarify and expand on a couple of topics with respect to the Vision SZR, to your fans in order to help them better understand this unique vehicle and the company behind it.

    In Fireball Tim’s video, (Episode 8), a reference was made regarding the “$2 million” cost of the Vision SZR prototype. It is important to understand that this figure represents many of the one-time / non-reoccurring engineering and development costs associated with the development a car, (such as tooling; molds for body panels, windshield and side glass, interior components, headlights, taillights, etc,; chassis jigs and fixtures; in addition to vehicle certification; as well as many other legalities, etc.). This figure also includes previous development vehicles which were constructed as design and engineering platforms which led up to the Vision SZR. A production Vision SZR would therefore cost a fraction of the “$2 million” cost of the prototype, because all of the above mentioned development costs have been incurred.

    This leads us to our second topic on which we would like to expand. In the “Done in 60 Seconds” / eBay Motors video, the topic of “production” arises, and Mr. Misumi states that the company is ”looking at some type of a limited volume production”. We would like to mention that with respect to “production”, the company is forecasting to produce only one vehicle over the next 12 to 18 months, and possibly only one or two more cars thereafter. Therefore, Vision is looking at a total “production” run of only two or three cars. In addition, each vehicle will only be constructed as a special-order vehicle; therefore, each vehicle will be unique. However, we still refer to a build-run of only a few cars as a “production” because Vision Industries, LLC is a licensed vehicle manufacturer, and as such, the Vision SZR possess a VIN number, and is registered and licensed as a “production” vehicle. (As opposed to a specially constructed vehicle, specialty vehicle, etc. under which many low-volume vehicles are classified, registered, and licensed.)

    As a small, niche market manufacturer, our goal is to construct only a few vehicles with a high degree of quality and workmanship, and in doing so, the Vision SZR will likely become one of the lowest volume production vehicles.

    Vision Industries, LLC


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