Every year a select club of the Dutch rich and famous gather for the annual Quote Challenge. This weekend this Dutch supercar rally starts again for the tenth annual ‘Challenge’ as its called since main sponsor Quote Magazine quit sponsoring in 2005. However the ties with the magazine are still there as a large group of participant appears in the annual Quote 500 rich list (Dutch version of the Forbes 400) and the Challenge organizer, Sjoerd van Stokkum became chief editor of the magazine in 2007.

Last year the Quote Challenge 2010 took the participants from Schloss Fuschl near Salzburg via Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade and Sofia to Istanbul. The route this year remains a closely guarded secret. The Quote Challenge put in large efforts every year to think of a suitable theme for their car and team during the 6 day cross European rally and over the years the funniest cars and themes have been seen on the event.

Last year we saw a Dukes of Hazzard GTR and Burnout King SLS AMG among other supercars wearing colourful wraps (Challenge 2010 image gallery). Tonight we received the first images of the Ferrari 599 GTO team that participates in the Quote Challenge 2011 inspired by Dutch painter Corneille who was part of the Cobra art movement. Corneille died last year and this livery can be seen as a tribute to his work.

[Via Autoblog.nl]

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