Overkill Lamborghini Gallardo Galaxy Warrior Body Kit

This time it is not the sports car being the overkill, but the body kit fitted to the vehicle. The Lamborghini Gallardo Galaxy Warrior body package is offered by a German company called ATS Automotive from Urbach via Ebay.de at a price of 11,200 euros.

The whole kit includes a front bumper, rear bumper, side skirts, rear wing and a double-pipe stainless steel rear silencer. The kit is made of fiberglass using a temperature-resistant resins, supplied unpainted and includes fastening material and a TÜV certificate 19.3.

Somehow the black one looks better than the yellow one.

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  1. HOw the F, Do companies like this exist? Who passes these Designs???

    What’s going on here????????? Who on this planet will purchase such a kit?


  2. I like it… JK LOL

    I doesnt look as bad in black but its still a 3yr olds wet dream. And why did they hold back on the side sills for? surely they could go bolder than that after looking at the rear!

    What really makes me sad is that they had the opportunity to make something really good and make lots of money and a name for themselves and instead they just failed badly. The aftermarket bodykit industry is sadly full of companies that havent got a clue about design.

  3. It’s bad, no doubt about that! But you should know that sometimes it’s not the companies fault. I use to work in body kit shop and sometimes the client comes to you with some pictures and wild imagination and you draw what he has in mind and it looks more like spaceship than a sports car. But you have to decide to tell him you won’t build such a crap or you can take his money and make exactly what he wants. In today’s economy you have no choice. Now I work with some guys who are in the business and nothing is changed. The clients are just tasteless, whiny morons!

  4. I remember when I had pustles all over my face as a 14 year old. That’s what this kit reminds me off, all blown out due to a bad infection.

  5. oh come on what the hell is going on…… what else does a lombo need….why over kill this beast and make it look so ugly like that.


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