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Top Gear Season 17 Episode 1

Top Gear Season 17 Episode 1

Top Gear returns with Top Gear Season 17 Episode 1 tonight! Jeremy, James, Richard and the Stig will start the first episode of Season 17 with the 50th birthday of the E-Type Jaguar, celebrated by Jeremy in typically brash style. James gets to play with Olympic gold medallist Amy Williams and a Mini rally car, whilst Richard travels to South Africa to play with something even bigger, louder and more destructive than Jeremy.

Eagle-eyed viewers will have seen the two trailers for Series 17 by now so it was time for Top Gear to release footage of Andy Wilman discussing the first episode and a gallery of pictures giving us all a sneak preview of the series.

The Top Gear Season 17 Episode 1 airs Sunday, 8pm on BBC2 and BBC HD. Let us know what you think of this first episode of the 17th season of Top Gear in the comments below!

Update: For those of you who missed it or don’t have BBC2: Top Gear Season 17 Episode 1 now available as a torrent download here and you watch it right here via YouTube!


  1. I know I am commenting to my own post, but I would like to share my opinion about the show. In the end same thing, yet again, but I missed it…

    At least some proper TV show, giving some kind of spirit behind cars. The E-type story was a nice interesting part of the show and the BMW 1M test was as a BMW driver exactly what I had hoped for ‘Freude am fahren’… if only the task was lower in my country…

    Nice show, nice to watch yet again, happy it is back, but I would have loved to see the comparison between the MP4-12C and the 458… What a dealer breaker that will be for McLaren, maybe even resetting each of our minds after the epic historical McLaren F1…

  2. The torrent is very slow. Can you please seed for a couple of hours, or something? Thanks anyway for uploading it. Have a nice day.


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