Car Crash: Russian Politician Crashes Porsche Cayenne Turbo

Car Crash United Russia Cayenne

We received a tip off today of an accident that occurred in Rostov, Russia involving Ostrovenko Dmitry Grigoryev, a representative of the United Russia party. Witnesses at the scene say that the politician was drunk and could barely stand on his feet. His Cayenne Turbo plowed into the back of six cars, killing at least one.

Details are sparce at the moment, however it seems that the Cayenne hit the VAZ-2106 creating a ripple effect which squashed the Soviet sedan to an unrecognisable extent. Our hearts go out to the family of the drivers, a student at the University of Rostov.

Car Crash United Russia Cayenne



  1. Damn…When you said killing six cars, i thought you mean destroying the car, not literally killing the poor driver…
    Why does it always have to be the innocent guy dying and never the stupid drunk son of bitch?

  2. yo russians. Let this be a wake up call to you. How the heck does a politician afford a $ 200,000 SUV? Wake up. Take back your government.


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