Paris 2010 2013 Lotus Elan

During the Paris Motor Show last year we learned that Lotus had big plans for the near future. Today we can tell you that at least one car is postponed untill 2016. The two seater mid-engined coupé, Elan, will not be launched for another five years.

Lotus says that de Evora will be dropped from the line-up by 2016, but it depends on the success of the Evora. It is also possible that the Elan will not be presented at all in favor of a second or third generation Evora.

We will see more new Lotus’ in the next few years. These include the 345bhp strong Evora S and an automatic gearbox equipped Evora IPS, which will reach stateside later this year. Furthermore we will see a roof-less version and a track-oriented Evora as well, both planned for late 2012.

[Via CarandDriver]

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  1. I have to be honest,i mostly didnt like any of the Lotus new concepts.Propably the investors thought so too and maybe they will start cancelling all the other concepts.Lotus tries every 5 years lately changing approach on their cars,pathetic for me.


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