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Lotus Elan Postponed Until 2016

During the Paris Motor Show last year we learned that Lotus had big plans for the near future. Today we can tell you that...

Video: 2013 Lotus Elan Concept Instrument Panel

The Lotus line-up of brand new concepts and sports car is extensive and long. The 2013 Lotus Elan concept is one of the vehicles...

Lotus Only Takes Esprit into Development

Since there spectacular presentation of four new cars at the Paris Motor Show about a month ago, Lotus is back alive as it never...

Paris 2010: 2013 Lotus Elan

The final sports car concept from Lotus we are going to show to you is the 2013 Lotus Elan, a two-seater (optional 2+2), mid-engined...

Official: 2013 Lotus Elan

The third re-born Lotus model to be released today is the Elan. Positioned slightly below the Elite and the Esprit, the Elan offers a...