Police Chase With Stolen Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport

Two young Polish guys were arrested on Monday morning in Germany after stealing two luxury cars in Switzerland. The Bayern police chased the 24 and 27-year-old men who were driving a stolen Bugatti Grand Sport Sang Blue and a BMW 750 Li in the direction of Poland. A third man is still on the run, but abandoned his stolen Ferrari in Fürth. The precious cars belong to a Swiss businessman and have a total value of about € 1.5 million.

The silver-blue Bugatti and the black BMW sedan – both with Swiss license plates – were spotted on the A9 near Pegnitz heading in the direction of Berlin. It quickly became apparent that the Bugatti, BMW and a Ferrari 599 GTB had been stolen in the early hours of Sunday in Oberrieden, Switzerland during a burglary.

Coordinated by the operations center of Oberfranken and assisted by a police helicopter, the chase of the 1001 and 407-horsepower luxury cars was started. Close to Wolfsbach the Bugatti driver stopped the exclusive sports car on the highway, jumped out of the car and fled on foot crossing the center guardrail and all three lanes of the opposite direction of the A9. But the police officers did not give up and pursued the man into the open terrain. They finally managed to arrest the 27-year-old man from Gdansk.

In the meantime forces were searching for the black BMW 7 Series on the B2 near Creußen. The 24-year-old driver from Elblag very quickly realized the futility of his situation, given the police presence that had surrounded him. He was arrested without resistance and the large BMW sedan has been assured.

The black Ferrari 599 GTB was missing until somebody noticed the abandoned black sports car with Swiss license plates on early Tuesday morning in the vicinity of the Fürth railway station. Police officers brought the stolen 620-horsepower sports car in safety. They are still searching for the driver.

The 24 and 27-year-old men have been transferred to their detention. The seized luxury vehicles were handed over to the Swiss authorities.

[Via Polizei.bayern.de]

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  1. They are idiots for whom the need to be ashamed of. For a while they had fun. A Bugatti in the truck should deport!

  2. So they drove from Switzerland towards Berlin. In these three cars. I wonder how much they paid in petrol, regarding premium is at 1.59€/l and these cars eat A LOT. Despite being caught, they are now probably broke. And stealing a car which can only be serviced at Bugatti HQ is a really, really stupid idea. :D

  3. is the front of the bugatti damaged???? i love the bugatti veyron.the one who drive in the bugatti had fun :) .this is the first bugatti veyron in the world who would stolen!!!hmm this can only be polish guys :)i´m also a polish guy but i don´t steal a bugatti :)

  4. You must be some kind of special idiot to steal Bugatti. What they were thinking of? You can’t sell it, you can’t drive it, you can’t do anything with it. It’s became useless. Morons!

  5. Sometimes such cars can be stolen to order. Not to drive them or sell them. But some wealthy people can pay a lot just to have them in their garage so they could show off.

    The whole thing, well. Brave, but stupid execution.

  6. “Can only be serviced in Bugatti HQ” haha, LAME!
    They probably have stolen those cars for fun, wanted to drive it to Poland and sell off to some other knackers for 1/20 of retail value.

    Wykop Kurwa

  7. Hahahahaha – These guy’s were probably amateurs that wanted to have a ride in a exotic car. Pros don’t do shit like that. How many cars were stolen and no one saw them never again – 99% Regards….also from Poland! :)

  8. Sorry for this assholes. We are NORMAL people, but there are a few idiots among of us, who do something first, and then think :/.
    Whole Poland apologize for these freaks!

  9. well,aren’t such cars under constant supervision, especially Bugatti?Could been stolen straight from unlucky bussinessman’s garage but sill how can U get keys and get inside the garage?I think that wasn’t for fun, that was their full time job. By the way some bad people 100% british stolen my decent bike which was witnessed by around 20 pub members and no statement has been put against thiefs. Thief was among them and pub owner says that there is CCTV camera record pointing at a place were my bike was locked but is was blind just for few minutes exacly when my bike disappeared. So my question is? How many people broken law at a time?

  10. Despite some of these dumb comments about Poland and stupid thieves dawid managed to find that the car is crashed and instead all of talking about that you just speak Polish and give regards for their bravery…
    @gtspirit:why is the car crashed?

  11. @Alex,

    we do not know, it could be the car was remotely switched off. That is possible with the Veyron and perhaps the person lost control of the car. Or maybe a police guy used his car to force him to stop. The report does not state that.

  12. @Alex,

    the original press release states, that the driver of the bugatti first touched a boundary of a construction site and later on hit a BMW while trying to escape the police

  13. Polak potrafi – OLE!

    Poles did something amazing and stupid at the same time. But who cares! We have only one life an he will have something to tell to his kids and kids of his kids ;))
    Moreover – you call poles stupid you twats? Who makes a care that costs small fortune and “stupid” pole can fire it up and escape like the car was golf I? Man, this guys have balls of steal and and high skills ;)

  14. I wonder how they get into these machines?Does it mean that Bugatti,BMW and Ferrari factory theft prevention systems are so hopeless?

  15. Not everybody in Poland is a thief, but thanks to assholes like these three whole Europe thinks that we are f***ed up drunk and steal-all-shit nation. Shame. I feel sorry for that kind of people – and ones that admire their actions.

    A wy przestańcie sie kurwa chwalić jacy to my jesteśmy zajebiści – zwykłe kurwa złodziejstwo a nie zaszczyt. Polusy za granicą to zwykła plaga i tyle.

  16. Dont send this guys to Poland. They will be free soon. Cut their hands and leave on the street. We are shame of such Polish citizens!


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