Spotted Porsche Panamera Towing a Trailer

One of my personal Twitter followers spotted the following combination this morning. Yes, it is a Porsche Panamera towing an open tandem trailer. The trailer has Dutch number plates and the Panamera French plates. The car was spotted on a highway somewhere in the Netherlands.

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  1. It would have been funny if the Panamera was in the trailer and being towed by a 911… Most Dutch people will remember the Lotto commercial from a few decades ago where two farmers meet with their Ferrari Testarossa’s towing trailers with farming stuff. And the slogan said: “Lotto, the biggest chance to become a milionair”

  2. That’s actually pretty cool! For those of you complaining about the looks… Have you even been inside one? Or driven one? They are a freaking blast! Very roomy for someone that is 6’3″. It’s funny to see the reaction of a Z06 when you just blew their a$$ away off the line.


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