Video Platinum Motorsport "Epic"

Only one word covers the footage you will see below. The guys over at Platinum Motorsport have released a video called “Epic”.

In the video you will see six vehicles from a Range Rover Vogue to a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 and from a Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Series to a Porsche Panamera. Each single car shown in the two and a half minutes video was enhanced by the US tuner and showcases their tuning capabilities.

Feel free to share your favorite vehicle from the footage.

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  1. Stupid video.All that i see is some sports cars,SUVs and a supercar.The SL63 is a great car and besides the matte color i cant tell the difference between a factory SL63 and it,the same thing applies to the Lambo.WTF did they do to the Bentley?Sick body kit(with a negative meaning),no elegance or glamour on it at all.Finally there are so many Range Rover modifications that i cant tell the difference anymore.So where is the so “Epic” thing?


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