Always wanted to own an Aston Martin DBS, or is the Jaguar XK8 not good enough for you? Don’t hesitate, here is your opportunity to own a 1999 Jaguar XK8 dressed up like an Aston Martin DBS.

Alabama based company Car Kit Maker is offering kits to transform the XK8 into a DBS. This replica with a mileage of 95,000 miles was offered at eBay for a price of $ 50,000, but failed to receive any bids. This shouldn’t be very surprising considering the fact that a Jaguar XK8 with a similar mileage should have a retail value of $ 12,000. There are even Aston Martins for sale for prices below $ 50,000. So, this replica is currently listed for $35,700.

Car Kit Maker is also offering replicas of some Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini models and they are working on a Bugatti Veyron replica for under $ 45,000. Some of their projects can be viewed here. Even more interesting is their FAQ.

What do you think, is this overkill or not?

[Via Carscoop]

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  1. Nasty, but I do like one thing on this car. The lights on the lower end of the front bumper that illuminate the front skirt are a nice touch. Other than that, vile

  2. this is stupid, whats up with people making replicas …. its not the real thing so why buy it? this reminds of people trying to make the 300c look like a phantom

  3. You can get a mint condition very low mileage real Aston Martin for that much money ($30k-$50k), why would anyone want a fake one with 95k miles? I understand making a fake Veyron replica, since the cheapest one is $800k, and if you got to have one, replica is the only choice for a regular folks. But if you just want an Aston, then go buy a real one.

  4. This is a very bad copy of this car, check from the side of the car, then you see it´s something wrong, and the back lamps they not juse any water pass for it or?

  5. Opinions on here are kinda short on brains and long on invective, but I would like to say that most kit car guys enjoy the build and the fun of creating something with their hands. They’ll tell you right up front that it’s a replica. It’s a lot of fun to restore or to build…this is just one way of expressing talent and fun. If you don’t like it, don’t look at it as they say, lol!


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