Rendering Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 Limited Edition

Another new Porsche 911 is making its debut in the upcoming weeks, according to Teamspeed. We totally lost count, but the Germans from Zuffenhausen have decided to release a 911 GT3 RS Limited Edition on April 7th.

Named the GT3 RS 4.0, a limited run is expected of only 500 units. The sports car is powered by a 4.0 liter engine producing 500hp. The very first unit will go into production at the end of May. Market introduction to ME Markets will be at the end of June. However, the very first units will not be delivered until the end of July.

The retail price and options are to be expected with the first official press release on the 7th of April. The rendering shown in this post, gives only an idea of the vehicle to be released. Stay tuned for more in the upcoming weeks.

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  1. Charles. First off its 500 hp which is just insane out of a flat six. It very well may be a hybrid with electric motors helping to achieve that 500hp total output. Then again it might not by a hybrid but I don’t think anyone is lying. The 918 puts out 500hp and its a hybrid.

    Porsche and Ferrari put out the most advanced cars on the road this thing is going to be amazing.

    And it doesn’t say Hybrid it says Hy___ as in “Hy to charles you uninformed chump”. Oh also its by teamspeed who are not part of porsche development.

    On another note we might see a new engine soon they are running out of room for displacement.


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