Overkill: Bugatti Veryon Replica

For almost every super car there is a replica. We have seen wannabes of an Aston Martin XK8, a Gumpert Apollo MR2 and even a Veryon replica made out of a Porsche Boxster.

Now there is a ‘Veyron’ up for bid via eBay Motors with just four days left on the auction. The ad states:

The car has such a presence when you just walk up to it, it takes your breath away. Even if someone does not know what kind of car it is they know it is EXPENSIVE!

This car is based on a 2002 Mercury Cougar with a four-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive. The mileage is 112,000 miles. For a true Veyron feeling the car is powered by a 2.5 liter V6 engine which provides an impressive 170 horsepower. It’s all yours for just $ 89.000 and a 12,000 mile, 12 month warrantee is included. But don’t try to outrun other cars on the Autobahn.

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  1. The veyron is a fairly unimpressive car in person I wonder if the proportions are the same. I’ve seen cgt remakes that had good quality but the proportions were off and it made the car look like shit. Why do they always use such high mileage cars for the base? Honestly I think the quality is good but the rims have got to go. I want to see the inside.

  2. Oh and anyone who can afford to buy this for 90,000 is going to weigh their options in the used supercar market first. Give me a break, youd essentially be driving a cougar with 126,000 miles.

  3. $89,0000 USD for a MERCURY Cougar with 112,000 miles?

    And its pumps out 170HP – which is good for a 0-60 in 9.9 seconds. Autobahn indeed.


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