Veyron Replica by Orlando M.

Replica’s of supercars are mostly created by people who think totally different from any other supercar enthousiast. Over the years we have seen a Aston Martin XK8 and this Gumpert Apollo MR2 and some other results failing epically.

The project shown here was started by someone called “Orlando M.”. He tried to create a replica Veyron using a Boxster platform that’s going to look impeccably like the real deal. The project is still ongoing and unfortunately, it’s going to be for Orlando M’s personal use only. Three videos of the building process got released recently, scroll down and let us know what you think about it!


  1. It actually look good, with a lot of details. make it better than that Boxster Murcielago replica and is a winner.
    I believe he is brazilian, so Parabens cara ;)

  2. BTW; that interview shows just what kind of loser we’re talking about here. “go east side, and say OMG I’m inside a Bugatti. Not a replica, but a Bugatti..” Piss off, that will never be real, just real blasphemy and disrespect for the hard work of those who created it!


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