Fail $ 12,000 Zonda Cinque Replica Kit

What is the second best thing next to owning a Pagani Zonda Cinque? Not this $ 12,000 fiberglass Zonda kit, limited to only a small number.

Within the picture you will spot the plug and how the fiberglass panels will look when they all are put together onto the donor car. The package holds a front clam shell; head lights all molded into the fenders and only the projectors need to be fitted in from behind. Furthermore, there is a left door, right door, engine deck lid, roof air intake scope, left/right side skirts, rear bumper and left/right lower valance diffuser.

The wheelbase is 107.5 inch. All measurements are the same as the real Pagani Zonda Cinque, including height and width. The interior is not yet finished yet. It will be ready in a month.

I do not have shipping quotes, you will have to find that out yourself, kit will have to be picked up or you arrange your own shipping with a shipping company.

Interested? Go to Ebay and place your bid!

Fail $ 12,000 Zonda Cinque Replica Kit 01

Fail $ 12,000 Zonda Cinque Replica Kit 02

[Via Topspeed]


  1. great replica…most of the people will never see original zonda, and we cant even talk about own one. with this someone can have his dream car. dont get me whrong this will never be like original but the dream has never been prohibited.

  2. This is great. as mustang said. Its good for someone to see their dreams, when all they love is the looks. and they dont really care for the performance etc..

  3. This is pretty awesome…

    Just make sure you play off the “we both know what’s under the hood so I won’t even try to race you” mentality and hope no one asks to look under the hood =P

  4. why does the finished car have carbon cermaic brakes? isnt that expensive for a replica? jeez why not fit a mercedes 7.3 litter v12 make it geniune and while your at it why not also take it down to modena and give it a “carbo-tanium“ body :)then you can truly say u have a cinque :)


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