Porsche 918 Spyder

According to Autocar, Porsche has the intention to build the 918 road car as a spyder. Porsche’s development boss has insisted the 918 RSR hybrid race car will be developed alongside the open-topped Spyder road project, instead of replacing the 2010 Geneva concept. Wolfgang Dürheimer, insisted that the hard-top development would be focused on motorsport.

The road application of this car is the 918 Spyder. There is no decision taken that the coupé type will be available on the Spyder. We learned from the Carrera GT that the driving pleasure of the car is enhanced when you have the possibility to drive open or closed. We have always told people interested in the 918 Spyder that it will have a roof concept similar to the Carrera GT’s, with a lightweight carbonfibre panel. A closed car is better for motorsport, though.

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