Underground Racing released the first images of their latest project: the Underground Racing Ferrari 458 Italia Twin Turbo. The kit is still in development but an output of over 1,000hp is expected.

Underground Racing praises Ferrari’s job on the 458 platform and greatly enjoyed driving the stock Ferrari 458 Italia before taking it into their workshop for the development of their Twin Turbo package.

The package developed includes a Twin Turbo system with a stock engine as stage 1. A custom built engine with Twin Turbo system will be stage 2. As the car is still in the development stages performance figures are still unknown, but expect Lamborghini Twin Turbo rivaling performance.

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  1. wtf? UR should not touch any supercars because they will f*** them up!they will destroy any beautiful car they get there hands on.its useless,senseless and ugly crap!

  2. @Alex – I’m not sure how they are destroying supercars by giving them more power. If I had the funds at the moment, I would certainly buy one. What Underground does is no different than Stasis, RTM, Techart, Hennessey, etc. All of these shops increase power levels significantly with some form of forced induction. I don’t understand why I see so many Underground Racing bashing posts. The craftsmanship and the reliability of their turbo kits is second to none. I don’tunderstand why everyone wouldn’t want a Lamborghini that’s faster than a Veyron for less than a third of the price. (and is a heck of lot nicer and to look at)

  3. I don’t like it. Doesn’t suit a Ferrari.
    Ferraris and Lamborghinis are for the track and twisty roads. You don’t need turbochargers there. They can be quite unuseful with their turbo lag.
    UR conversion are for people who can’t turn and just love to drive the straight line!

  4. @turboman:that is wright!thats what i am saying,drag racing is for cars that cant turn in a 170degree corner(generally most of the american cars)


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