Simbol Design K1 Attack

A small month after presenting their Lavazza GTX-R Simbol Design has presented a new sports car: the K1 Attack. When we saw the Lavazza a mix between the Ferrari Enzo and the Pagani Zonda was easily suggested. The K1 Attack immediately resembles a Lotus Evora that made love with a Marussia.

The K1 Attack has a length of 406cm (159 inch), a width of 185cm (72 inch) and a weight of only 878kg (1935 pounds). The sports car is propelled by an Alfa Romeo V6 Turbo 2.0 cc producing a mere 246bhp. Not much, but enough for a lightweight like this.

The power is converted to the rear-wheels through a five-speeed manual transmission. The sprint from standstill to 100km/h (62mph) is done in just 4.9 seconds and a top speed is set at 264km/h (165mph).

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  1. Wait a minute! This is Slovak kit car! And it’s been here for a few years now. Many years before Evora and Marussia. And has nothing to do with Simbol Design. It’s made by K1 Engineering. If Simbol Design assembled one and put italian engine in it and Simbol’s badge on the hood this doesn’t mean it is Simbol’s car. It is K1 kit car! Check this out!


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