Car Crash Toyota Driver Crashes Maybach 62 in Moscow

Car crash collisions are one of those things that happen daily around the world. They become special when luxury saloons like the Maybach are involved. A collision happened in Moscow which lead into a driver of a Toyota crashing a Maybach 62. The luxury vehicle was damaged up to 9,000,000 rubles ($ 290,000, € 212,000), which makes it the most expensive accident in Russia in 2010.

The Toyota driver lost control on a wet road and crashed into the back of the Maybach 62. The German luxury saloon suffered severe body damage estimated by the insurance company up to 9 million rubles.

Despite the existence of an insurance policy the Toyota driver has to pay more than 8.9 million rubles ($ 287,000, € 209,000) to the owner of the Maybach. With an average salary in Russia of up to 15,000 rubles ($ 484, € 353) that seems to be quite problematic. It will take him up to the end of his life to pay this debt.



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