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Rumours: Maserati to Produce an SUV for 2012

Rumours Maserati to Produce an SUV for 2012

Rumours have been circling for a while now that one of Italy’s top luxury manufacturers will be dipping their toe into the lucrative SUV market.

According to a source on Teamspeed that manufacturer will be Maserati, with their proposed SUV to be available in 2012 with a starting price under the $ 100k mark.

We hope that the designers at Maserati produce something elegant and distinctive, not like the rendering shown above!


  1. oh no, what the hell is that? looks like a VW beetle. please dont kill maserati with the SUV crap. SUV’s should be left to SUV builders, as that maserati obviously wont be going even on grass let alone the grand canyon..

  2. swank, porsche and maserati are on different classes.

    the porsche isnt that expensive, there is one parked in every street around here, its a family SUV.

    the maserati, if it ever comes to live. will cost 2x the cayenne. not so cool

  3. 1.this car looks like s***
    2.actually i agree with swank,everyone said that cayenne wood be the biggest fail that porsche ever had,yet today it pays more than 911.
    3.its 50-50 if it ever reaches production,i hope not.


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