Today we came across pictures of a Koenigsegg CCX with an interior that definitely falls into our overkill category. The CCX’s exterior is finished in purple carbon fiber parts, which in our opinion makes it stand out for all the correct reasons. 

Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the interior, where its purple and cream Alcantara combination stands out for completely the opposite reasons.

The CCX was on display at the Carugati Automobiles showroom, where it is currently for sale at CHF 730,000, which works out at $ 734,000 / £ 461,000 / € 530,000

Tell us your thoughts on this unique CCX below!

[Via sellerie-cimes.fr]

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  1. The ghost isn’t Koenigsegg’s symbol. The cars are built in an abandoned airbase in the south of Sweden. The ghost is the old fighter-squadron (or whatever it was) badge, which makes it cooler in my opinion. Koenigseggs symbol is a yellow and red checkered shield (you can kind of see it on the seatbacks and on the hood).

  2. It speaks for the owner most likely. If the owner plans on keeping the car forever, good for them for making it even more individualistic, but i wouldnt choose purple.

  3. Its the most expensive piece of sh*t I’ve seen in hours. lol

    Rule 1: If you want to sell it, keep it looking relatively neutral.
    Rule 2. If you want to customize it, plan on keeping it for your collection.

  4. to be honest, I love the exterior color and i hate the interior i think it looks cheep it would look stunning if black with purple trimming and stitching.


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