RacerXDesign Ultima GTR

As a DIY project, the current Ultima GTR is one of the most impressive kits around. Yet it is definitely looking a little dated, despite the crazy power that some owners have given their cars. Car design specialist Racer X design has given the GTR a make-over bringing its design right up to the 21st century. It gained a few curves but still keeps that argressive, home-made look about it.

Enjoy the pictures of the RZ Ultima!

[Via RacerXDesign]

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  1. That’s pornography, if they ever build one of these, maintain the same simplicity as the old Ultima, Manual GearBox, Rear wheel drive, no aids what so ever apart from ABS and a good engine. When i say good engine it’s not a million horse power one, it’s a high revving one with nice balanced Torque and Power curves.
    I realy hope if a new Ultima comes out, beat again the record to 0-100-0 miles-n-hour.


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