Car Crash Gallardo Parked Under Another Car 480x280

Trying to find a parking space can be a frustrating business in some cases. But we doubt it is a good decision to park your £140,000 Lamborghini Gallardo underneath a Saab people mover.

The crash happened in the Hollywood Hills, California. The Gallardo slid right under the two-ton Saab hold up pretty well.

Car Crash Gallardo Parked Under Another Car 01

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  1. What possessed this guy to drive his car under a SAAB? I know that SAAB are on the brink of going under but this is ridiculous! Gives new meaning to phrase ‘Going Under” eh!

  2. lol Woody, being an exotic owner is a tuff life. it’s a no win situation. my buddies all call me a pussy because i don’t drive my 430 like a race car driver. But if you do drive it like schumacher and you wreck people will jump all over you for being a shitty driver.


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