Bugatti Veyron JK Limited Edition

It seems you really can order a custom Bugatti Veyron. These pictures show the Bugatti Veyron ‘JK Limited Edition No.1’, a custom ordered Veyron, presumably given its name by the owner. Based on the original coupé Veyron, this Veyron appears to have been spotted in Cannes.

This Veyron looks to benefit from a carbon fibre center section with glossy black flanks. To complement the new black look, it appears that all chrome has been blacked out. The ‘JK Limited Edition’ wears the Sang Noir alloys. We reckon it is one of the best looking Veyron’s yet. If only the owner hadn’t chosen such a rubbish name…

[Via Autogespot]

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  1. i totally agree with “v” the colour scheme with those alloys makes this the meanest looking veyron by a country mile. just mental looking. peace out.

  2. I reckon it will be for singer J.K (Jamaroquai).
    His a carfreak and the last supercar he had was the Enzo so it about time! I totaolly agree with the blacked out from front air intake and whole color !

  3. This is not JK (Jamaroquai) I was in Cannes and saw this car and the owner at the airport! He is just a rich Swiss business man and looked like a prat! Was talking to his car minders who where polishing it and everything and said I could wait about 25m away! Looked like a mug! So… there it is just a rich Swiss Billionaire

  4. i fucking saw one today, in madrid at rubaiyat restaurant, is a very prestigious restaurant. he went to lunch with kaka (who owns a 911 carrera s) and roberto carlos that own the fucking bugatti veyron JK limited edition No.1. Took like 10 photos you cant imagine how it is… wow


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