Video Illtech's R35 GT-R Project

Illtech tuning has its roots in the Asian tuning markets, but grew into bigger and more prestigious brands. They are working currently on the new Nissan GT-R, BMW M Cars and the Porsche 996. Cody Johnson of Illtech Auto Salon gives Driving Sports TV an early look at his shop’s Nissan R35 GT-R project car. Currently, the car puts down 600hp and 600ft-lbs of torque after their first tuning efforts, but more will follow.

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  1. “The exclusivity that you get out of the GT-R (…) is much stronger than that of Lamborghini or Ferrari…”

    Sure, try your nissan in Monaco, StMoritz or Punta del Este.

  2. Well exclusivity is a two way path.. you’re gonna see many more lambos and Ferraris on the street than a GTR.. to top that off, this GTR will murder 80% of Ferraris and Lambos if they’re stock.

    Iffy wheel choice, me thinks it could be better, but the car certainly has presence


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