9ff Panamera

An eagle-eyed youtube user has uploaded this clip of a 9ff Panamera being loaded into a transporter. In the video the car is completely static, however there are a few rev’s that leave us with the opinion that 9ff have already started messing around with the power outputs. We’re guessing that this isn’t the full package as it differs a lot from the original sketches we saw.

9ff have definitely given this Panamera a sports exhaust system to open up that raw Porsche sound. The car looks physically lower than the official version and appears to be sitting on some very large rims. Possibly 22″.

Overall, we’re not entirely satisfied with this look. We’re sure it will improve as the new bodykit gets gradually added. Until then, take a look at the video below!

[Via TopSpeed]

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  1. Ok, ok, the sound is impressive, but the car is ugly, the color hideous, and these über-low-profile tires are fine until you have to explain to the girl in the passenger seat that you’ve been defeated by a pothole so small she didn’t even noticed it.

  2. Avalancher, I completely agree with you. It looks shit in my opinion. Can’t wait for the Mansory version though. 9ff are good for 911’s but there talent doesn’t reach the Panamera for some reason :(

  3. This is not a spyshot. This looks more like an official leak. The guy with the cam is asking the driver to change settings of the butterfly valve. You can hear the difference. Pretty tame afterwards… ;-)

    Panameras always look better in real life than on pics!


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