David Coulthard in Mumbai

In the two week gap between Round 15 in Japan and Round 16 in Brazil this weekend, Red Bull stopped off in Mumbai, India, for some Promo events. The events where to promote the first ever Indian Grand Prix in 2011.

As part of this promo event former Formula 1 driver and current Red Bull consultant and test driver David Coulthard, took his Red Bull RB1 (2005 Season) car for some exhibition runs across the new Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link bridge at 260kph! More than five times the speed limit! Leading to the forfeit of the £20,000 deposit by the organisers.

Satish Gavai, MD of Road Development Corporation stated “I have asked my officers to submit a report on the event” and  “Action will be considered only after it is established that the vehicle went beyond permissible speed limits on the sea link.”

David Coulthard told the Press Trust of India ahead of the demonstration, “Apparently there is a speed limit” followed by “But I don’t intend to drive in India again. So instead I plan to go flat out…”

DC later claimed that since there is no speedometer in the RB1, he was unable to judge his speed. After the runs DC performed donuts and waved the India flag in front of an estimated 50,000 people.

David Coulthard in Mumbai

[Pictures via Red Bull India’s Flickr & Story via F1Live]

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